I work for the family business, as the Creative Director for The Security Awareness Company. I’ve worked for this company, in some capacity, since I was 16 years ago. Fifteen years later, I’ve finally accepted and fully embraced my career. 🙂 I love my job and am getting more involved in the security industry.

As a kid, my parents encouraged me to follow in their entrepreneurial footprints, and try my hand at a few small businesses. This spirit stayed with me through high school and college, during which time I found side work tutoring (math, French, computer skills), doing design work and editing video. I continued tutoring French until 2014.

In 2007, I formed Managed Mischief, LLC so I could release & sell my short-form documentary, Hackers Are People Too. Post-college, I did a lot of freelance work in Nashville for local businesses, namely the Wilson County Tourism & Convention Bureau. After several years of freelancing, and running a secondary side-business, Jars of Joy, under the umbrella of Mischief, I’ve decided to close my LLC and focus on my work for SAC.

You can reach me at ashley [at] thesecurityawarenesscompany [dot] com anytime you want to talk security awareness, elearning techniques or internet cats. I’m on LinkedIn (though not very active) and often write for the company blog.